We welcome you with warm hearts to the world of YRT warehouse. We are a one-stop shop for all your accessory related needs. The bulk sellers of products like belts, leather wallets, caps, socks and hats, we have made a mark in Turkey and now are reaching worldwide to provide the buyers precisely what they are looking for when it comes to accessories. Our staunch belief is that accessories can make the outfit look more glamorous than usual. The right kind of investment in accessories will help you pair them up with most of the costumes already present in your wardrobe.

As a company, Our motto is our customers are our partners we set sail on the same boat to the destination of accomplishment. YRT Import & Export Co. is a baby company of the traditional family company coming with full of knowledge about the Turkish market to fulfil your demands such as production, buying & selling, quality control. We offer your company, huge variety of products and services we have one showroom at the centre of Istanbul and having seven workshops to supply your demands also not to mention we have countless partners to fulfil your wishes. You always welcome to visit us and enjoy the magnificence of Istanbul

The only website selling Leather goods par excellence

We are masters and connoisseurs of leather related products. Most of the people end up buying products that claim to be of the best quality but are not so good when it comes down to the actual use of the products. The in-house stylists are divided into genres, and they excel in the making of each product that is sold online. The quality of leather used in the making of these products is handpicked, and it undergoes a series of checks before it is put in the process of being turned into an item of your choice.

The promise of selling only high-quality products

When you buy your products from YRT warehouse, you purchase it with the promise of top quality and best styles chosen from things that are in fashion these days. The pioneer designers work relentlessly in bringing in products that are not only good looking but also offer the comfort of use. You can purchase the products from the website in bulk and provide a good margin on the same before selling it to your consumers further. It is also a great option if you are looking and bulk purchase of gift products.